Sep 18, 2007

multi column sorting of a typed collection

Use the following One line code for multi-column or single column sorting of a typed collection:

List<Liability> liabList = new List<Liability>();

liabList.Sort(delegate(Liability l1, Liability l2)
{ int r = l1.Type.CompareTo(l2.Type);
if (r == 0 && l1.HolderName != null)
r = l1.HolderName.CompareTo(l2.HolderName);
if (r == 0)
r = l1.Amount.CompareTo(l2.Amount);
return r;
} );

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homerhudson said...

you sir, are a genius. thank you
very much. jim hudson

Jeffrey said...

I wll agree with homerhudson. Absolutely brilliant!