Mar 6, 2009

Dispose and Finalize methods and .NET Memory optimizations

I have jotted down a few points on implementing the IDisposable and Finalize patterns in .NET.

Please find it here : Dispose and Finalize methods

I also jotted down some .net Memory Optimization tips: Please find them here : Some Tips on .NET Memory optimizations

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Mar 3, 2009

Creating dynamically generated logfiles with log4net

If you need to generate logfile names dynmically when using log4net then we can do this using the log4net Properties.

To learn more on this please visit : creating dynamic logfile names with log4net

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Tips on using log4net RollingFileAppender

I have compiled a list of useful properties that you can set on the RollingFileAppender in the log4net XML config file which can determine the order in which log file backups will be generated, whether they will rollover based on dates or size or both.

For more information please check this link out : Tips on using log4net RollingFileAppender

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