Feb 16, 2011

Site Web Analytics not updating Sharepoint 2010

If you facing the issue that the web Analytics Reports in Sharepoint 2010 Central Administration is not updating data.

When you go to your site > site settings > Site Web Analytics reports or Site Collection Analytics reports 
You get old data as in the ribbon displayed "Data Last Updated: 12/13/2010 2:00:20 AM"

Please insure that the following things are covered:
Insure that Usage and Data Health Data Collection service is configured correctly.
Log Collection Schedule is configured correctly
Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation Usage Data Import and Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data Processing Timer jobs are configured to run at regular intervals
One last important Timer job is the Web Analytics Trigger Workflows Timer Job insure that this timer job is enabled and scheduled to run at regular intervals (for each site that you need analytics for).
After you have insured that the web analytics service configuration is working fine and the Usage Data Import job is importing the *.usage files from the ULS LOGS folder into the WSS_Logging database, and that all the required timer jobs are running as expected… wait for a day for the report to get updated… the report gets updated automatically at 2:00 am in the morning… and i could not find a way to control the schedule for this report update job.

So be sure to wait for a day before giving up :)

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Feb 4, 2011

Change AccountName/LoginName for a SharePoint User (SPUser)

Consider the following:
We have an account named MYDOMAIN\eholz. This accounts Active Directory Login Name changes to MYDOMAIN\eburrell
Now this user was a active user in a Sharepoint 2010 team Site, and had a userProfile using the Account name MYDOMAIN\eholz.
Since the AD LoginName changed to eburrell hence we need to update the Sharepoint User (SPUser object) as well update the userprofile to reflect the new account name.
To update the Sharepoint User LoginName we can run the following stsadm command on the Server:

STSADM –o migrateuser –oldlogin MYDOMAIN\eholz –newlogin MYDOMAIN\eburrell –ignoresidhistory

However to update the Sharepoint 2010 UserProfile, i first tried running a Incremental/Full Synchronization using the User Profile Synchronization service… this did not work. To enable me to update the AccountName field (which is a read only field) of the UserProfile, I had to first delete the User Profile for MYDOMAIN\eholz and then run a FULL Synchronization using the User Profile Synchronization service which synchronizes the Sharepoint User Profiles with the AD profiles.

Update: if you just run the STSADM –o migrateuser command… the profile also gets updated automatically. so all you need is to run the stsadm –o migrate user command and you dont need to delete and recreate the User Profile

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